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Beim Coaching im Einzelsetting stärken wir gemeinsam Ihren Auftritt in Beruf und Alltag.

An individual coaching offers you the opportunity to work on your performance skills with the aim of enabling you to present yourself strongly at work and in everyday life.

A training gives your team the opportunity to practise performances such as presentations and to rise individual confidence in their own abilities and to address challenges collectively.

...we want to leave an impression, make an impact on our counterparts and radiate confidence in order to achieve our goals.

But nervousness and stage fright sometimes hit us unexpectedly or maybe even regularly.

Then our performance loses quality and we no longer reach our audience.

An error-friendly rehearsal is a good idea.
It's fun and opens up completely new possibilities!


We define your role
and rehearse your performance.


Mit individuell ausgewählten Übungen aus der Bühnenpraxis trainieren wir gemeinsam für Ihren nächsten Auftritt.

What we work on:

  • speech, breathing and voice  

  • expression, gestures and mimics

  • spontaneity through improvisation

  • stress and stage fright  

  • energy and body tension

  • self-perception,  perception of others

With an individual selection of theatre, voice and body exercises, we train together for your next performance and work on your impact, your handling of stress and eventual insecurities.

Rhetoric, gestures and facial expressions are important criteria for a successful performance. But we also need humour and spontaneity to ensure that our message reaches our audience. Thus we rise our listeners curiosity and make sure they they stick with us untill the end.

With tools from psychodrama work, I support you in your search for your personal strengths and resources.

In individually adapted improvisations, I practise using these with you when you need them.

In the initial contact we get to know each other,

and find out what you are in need of and where issues may lie.

Then I conceive an individually designed session for you in which you can try out, discover and practise. 

Your self-awareness is central in this coaching.

Based on the reality of your work, we develop an ideal performance setting together and rehearse it.

In improvisation exercises you will collect new experiences in which you can consciously witness your strengths, your humour but also your weaknesses.

As your companion, I will reflect your action patterns and habits, give you a resource-oriented feedback and invite you to try out new ways.

My goal is to ensure that you find orientation, strength and confidence for your next performance.

Coaching im Einzelsetting
Training in der Gruppe

 group setting

Working in a group setting offers participants the opportunity to experience and practise situations such as presentations, meetings with clients or job interviews in an interactive and participatory way.

Important criteria for a successful presentation are worked out independently by the group or the team and examined according to the reality of the work situation. 
The collectively acquired knowledge gets individually internalised by the participants in exercises and through self-developed scenes and role-plays.

Fundamental goals:

  • establishing confidence through the encounter with others

  • acquiring the basics of stress management

  • consciously speaking and presenting in front of an audience

  • strengthening the cohesion of the group 

What the group works on:


  • spontaneity through improvisation

  • self-perception, perception of others 

  • contact and appearance

  • nervousness and  Stage Fright
  • empowerment vs. criticism

  • teamskills

Every training is adapted to the working realities and needs of the target group in order to ensure the most enriching experience.


Trainings can optionally be conducted in German, English or French.

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